Intellectual Property Protection


Baltic States
Central and Eastern Europe
Russia and CIS
Central Asia

Agency TRIA ROBIT offers a one stop solution to your IP matters in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Many of our clients choose Agency TRIA ROBIT to represent them in all of those states.


Agency TRIA ROBIT has the largest IP practice in the Baltic States of the European Union, and one of the largest networks of associates in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The expertise of the firm comprises the experience of fifty patent and trademark attorneys and specialists along with other staff that work in the offices of Agency TRIA ROBIT in Riga and Moscow, as well as the experience of the firm's associates in other countries, which number exceeds two hundred professionals. The firm also employs other legal professions so that we can provide not only assistance in prosecuting applications but also the expertise necessary to conduct litigation before the courts.

Agency TRIA ROBIT offers its clients a full range of services in the field of intellectual property protection in the Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Russia and other ex-USSR states, including those of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The firm may also assist you in intellectual property matters in other Central and Eastern European countries.

Active work in these countries allowed the firm to create a carefully selected network of associate patent attorneys, which was tested by a wide range of problems and refined over many years. Thanks to daily contacts with our associates in all of these countries, our communication with them is very well set up. The filing and registering procedures are well organized in order to carefully preserve deadlines and resolve urgent matters. We keep in close contact with them, visiting them periodically to verify quality and maintain good communications. Our offices in Riga and Moscow give support to our associates in every step starting with filing of an application. Working independently the associates utterly enjoy the experience and the expertise accumulated under the service mark TRIA ROBIT.